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International and regional airline accessMap locator Namibia

  • Namibia's primary international airport is Windhoek International Airport (WDH).  
  • Best direct international links are via London and Frankfurt into Windhoek.  
  • Best regional access is from Johannesburg and Cape Town.  Alternatively via Harare, Victoria Falls, Lusaka and Maun.

Namibia's main airports

  • Windhoek International (WDH)
  • Eros Aiport (ERS)
  • Walvis Bay (WVB)
  • Swakopmund (SWP)
  • Opuwo (OPW)
  • Rundu (NDU)
  • Mpacha/Katima Mulilo (MPA) 
Map of Namibia

Domestic hubs in Namibia

Namibia is generally tackled on a mobile basis over several weeks or on a week long fly-in safari.  In the case of the fly-in safaris, all local charter flights are normally included in the safari packages so no special arrangements are usually necessary once you get into the country.

  • Windhoek (WDH) is Namibia's main international gateway.

  • Eros (ERS), just south of Windhoek is Namibia's main hub for all domestic charters and scheduled flights.

  • Namibia has over 30 well constructed airports and aerodromes (mostly a legacy of South Africa's military involvement in the 70's and 80's) in addition to numerous strips in less traveled spots. 

Airlines and Charters in Namibia

  • Air Namibia is widely regarded as a reliable domestic and regional carrier.  
  • The fly-in safaris are generally inclusive of all charters and use Eros as the hub.
  • Any unscheduled flights are arranged on either a seat rate or charter rate (whereby you hire the entire aircraft for a specific leg).  

Alternate travel options in Namibia

  • The roads within Namibia are first class by African standards with nearly 4500km of good tarred roads and an extensive network of gravel roads. 
  • Namibia is second only to South Africa in terms of its road connectivity in the sub region and is therefore ideally suited for self-drive and mobile safaris
  • Sedans can cope with the roads connecting all of the major centres but there are certain areas that demand 4x4 vehicles and even then only in convoy. 
  • Local advice must be sought for certain wet season excursions in the Kaokoveld (January to April)
  • Portions of the Caprivi are impassable when the river systems are flooding from April to August.

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